We pride ourselves on the unique and non-traditional business philosophy established by our founders, which focuses on maintaining and reinforcing our artists creativity. We believe creativity, passion, and freedom of expression is vital to producing the type of transformative music that has the power to impact our lives emotionally and challenge the status quo.  Our approach prioritizes developing, supporting, and enabling artists to navigate the delicate balance of creativity and the traditional business requirements, ultimately so artists can achieve creative freedom and financial independence. Throughout the music industry, creators, artists, producers, content providers alike are required to produce music that diverges from their identity and personal values, in order to gain financial success. For us, disruptors ourselves, gone will be the days when success for artists means compromising the passion that makes them artists in the first place. We are well equipped to manage and support you on your journey to success.  So, whether you are pop, rock, dance, rap, reggae, classical, jazz, or any other (even yet undiscovered) musical genre, we have the expertise to help you establish new heights ...where ever you may be on your journey! all-nations-records-services-decks-social-2