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“A no-nonsense soulful R&B.” The UK- based soulful R&B singer Chyna Soulstar has been riding high on her long-awaited “Us”


If you don’t know Chyna, then you should. Because this is one UK’s finest artists that are still keeping it real. With lyrics that dance between life’s intricacies.

Back with a follow up to her debut single “Us” for JAHSongs released last year, Chyna Soulstar presents a cutting edge and thought-provoking new single called “COLDER” which was released on the 12-07-19  Listen / Download HERE!

“Colder” touches on social aspects and issues that are going on around the world. Hailing from Tottenham, she delivers a message that is based on current-affairs of life. She speaks about issues she sees in today’s world, from young to the old, who are at war with all the injustice in modern-day society. She encourages the listeners to have faith, and not to lose their soul as many have fallen victim to the streets.

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Since the death of her dad; who was a well known reggae singer during the 70’s era and died under tragic circumstances in 1995, it has always been a lifelong ambition for Chyna to pursue a career in the music business; touching people’s lives through her own life experiences. These experiences, coupled with those observed from the life experiences of others, have enabled this grounded and ‘real artiste’ to emerge as one of the freshest female singer/songwriters to emerge from the UK urban music scene in recent years.

From the age of 6, Chyna started performing at music festivals where DJ’s and sound systems ‘clashed’ against each other. Chyna, who would be taken to these dances by her older brother and cousins, unbeknown to her Mum, would perform at these clashes and win clashes for sounds single-handedly, as the crowd looked on amazed that this youngster was packed with so much talent.

As she grew older and ‘smarter’, Chyna attended Annashere’s Theatre School, where she obtained her Diploma in Performing Arts.

She then joined girl group Prestige from the age of 13, as one of the lead vocalists. Prestige became known in the industry and well liked; however this was short lived when management indifferences took their toll on the group.

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This was to become the start of it all. At 18, Chyna embarked on her solo career and began to work with a number of well-known DJ’s and Producers such as Manny Norte’, DJ Dodge, Trevor Nelson (aka Trevor Mad- Hatter), Karen Wheeler (soul-II-soul), Craig David among others, perfecting her singer, song-writing skills. She was then ‘head hunted’ by the friends whom she had grown up with, from around the neighbourhood, who were starting a new entertainment company with a new sound. Northstar embarked on a journey which led to Chyna’s performance with Lisa Maffia, for her single, Women of the World. Their performances were aired on Top of the Pops, Save the Children, as well as shows in the UK and Europe. Through her career with Northstar, Chyna has filmed several music videos, all of which have been televised to critical acclaim, as well as the lead soundtrack to the UK’s urban hit movie, Rollin with the Nines, starring a host of well known established British actors and actresses.

Now in the prime of her singing career, Chyna embarks on a mission to spread her message to those willing to listen. Often dubbed ‘the messenger’, Chyna has spent the last 12 months perfecting her craft and her unique sound. Often likened to artists such as Keisha Cole, with a twist of Lauren Hill, Chyna is about to become an unstoppable force. Her unique talent lies in her ability to bounce from one genre of music to the next without compromising her sound; a talent which only a small number of artists are capable of doing.

Chyna has also teamed up with reggae/dancehall Producer Curtis Lynch Junior to release hit single Lord Save My Soul, also featuring well-known reggae artist Demolition Man, which is a remake of Gussie Clarke’s Pirates Anthem.

This recent recording is a song called “Us” to capture a place that she has been in personally, and also to connect to the RnB audiences who have been craving for that deep, heartfelt, raw, real music that has been missing. She plans on giving her audience something they can vibe with, and actually sing along to.

“Us” was Produced and co-written by “Zeeko & Bento” from Bermuda, they are a production duo who have worked with the likes of “Emile Sande, WSTRN, and Stefflon Don”.

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